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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use/register/sign-up on ChubbyTrader?

ChubbyTrader is an international business to business (B2B) platform that connects Traders which can be identified as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors with Customers to build profitable trade partnerships. Traders and customers can then collaborate on number of mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Who can use/register/sign-up on ChubbyTrader?

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Start-ups, Enterprises and any other form of businesses who wish to build trade partnerships on the platform can become a Registered User.

What are the fees/charges of creating an account on ChubbyTrader?

There are two types of accounts on ChubbyTrader: a Customer account and a Trader account.  Customers can create an account for free on ChubbyTrader.

Traders can choose between a Free account and a Premium account that offers unrestricted access to the platform. Free account has limited features.

For a Premium account Traders can choose a monthly plan which will cost AUD 21.99/- per month or an annual discounted plan which will cost AUD 241.89/- per year. Traders can switch/change the plan anytime during their use. Traders can also cancel Premium subscription and go with a Free account at any time.

Traders & customers from which countries can register & trade on ChubbyTrader?

Traders & customers from any country in the world can register and trade on ChubbyTrader.

Does ChubbyTrader charge commission on the transaction deals?

No. ChubbyTrader does not facilitate any type of ecommerce or selling or purchasing on the platform hence there is no charge commission.

Can I register as a Trader as well as a Customer?

Yes, the same user can register as Trader and Customer both. However, it will require different email addresses for the registration. ChubbyTrader does not allow the same email ID to be used for both Trader as well as Customer account.

Customer FAQ


What is a customer account?

Any user who falls in a category of an individual, a start-up or a large scale business like an enterprise who are looking for right trade partners for their businesses are considered as Customers on ChubbyTrader. They can register and create an account for free on ChubbyTrader.

What are the benefits of registering as a Customer?

Registration gives you unrestricted access to the platform in the form of your own free account. You can use this account to search for the Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who we refer to as ‘Traders’ and build trusted trader partnerships. The Registered Customers can search & message traders, rate & review traders, secure a Genuine Customer Tag, request quotes, create & manage tenders and avail a range of other functionalities.

Is there a fee for posting a tender?

Posting your tender will incur a one-time cost which depends upon the tender value range. You can chose the tender value range while posting the tender.

What are the subscription charges for Customers?

Customers enjoy the subscription for free.

Trader FAQs


Who are classified as traders on ChubbyTrader?

Any Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, for any products or items situated in any country can  Register  themselves as a Trader and can get the access to the platform.

What is the difference between a premium trader account and free trader account?

Traders registered with a Free Trader account can access their account and appear in Search results of the platform. However, Traders with Premium Trader account avail a range of additional benefits like creating and managing your a portfolio for one or more products, securing a trusted vendor tag, exchanging messages with customers, receiving enquiries, sending quotes, participating in tenders & much more.

Would it be a monthly Subscription or annual subscription?

The traders can choose to avail the subscription on a monthly fee of AUD 21.99 & annual fee of AUD 241.89. Traders can renew and or cancel the same at any time at no additional or extra or hidden cost.

Are the advertising charges a part of the general subscription or are they in addition to the same?

The advertising charges would be in addition to the basic subscription charges. The advertising is optional. TBD

I have got the free premium account for three months. What features can/will I be able to access after the trial period?

During the free trial period, Traders will have unrestricted access to the platform and premium subscription unlocks all the features of the platform.

Can I trade with businesses from other countries apart from my home country?

Yes. You can trade with any registered trader & customer on ChubbyTrader platform no matter from which country they belong. At the time of creating the tender as well you can choose Traders from which countries you would like to see bids from.

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